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Alternative Cheesecake with Green Tangerines | Right On Time

Green tangerines are slowly starting to hit the shelves. I had a small epiphany when I saw green tangerines side by side with some red plums and I found myself in the kitchen.

Now, the problem with these green tangerines is that, although they smell heavenly, they are VERY sour. So, instead of eating them, the best way to use these tangerines is to use them as aromatics.

Yeşil Mandalina ile Alternatif Cheesecake | Tam Zamanı

To begin, I cut about 250 grams of yogurt with a few spoons of labneh cheese. (Any cream cheese that’s low in salt should do.) The cream cheese is only here to lower the acidity of the yoghurt. If the yoghurt you are using isn’t very sour, you may even get away with not using any cheese. Next, I zested 3 to 4 tangerines and mixed them into the yoghurt mixture. You can mix in as much zest as you want, just taste and adjust the intensity of the aroma to your taste.

Now, because I didn’t wanted to for a more light and fresh dessert, I didn’t add a ton of sweeteners in. I only used one tablespoon of honey but feel free to adjust the sweetness to your liking.

The resulting mixture will be quite thick. (Provided that you use condensed/strained yogurt) But we want to be able to gobble this up, don’t we? For this you can just squeeze in a few of those tangerines and the consistency should be all good.

Rest this mixture for a few hours in the fridge for the aromas to really settle in.

For the top:

I cut some red plums in half-moon shapes and mixed them with about half a cup of sugar. They rested for about an hour and absorbed all the sugar. They also let out some juice and got very shiny!

For the base:

Here, I have to say the possibilities are unlimited. Anything that’s crusty goes, really. Cookies, graham crackers, oatmeal… I mixed a pack of cookies with some oatmeal and slightly roasted them in a pan with a tablespoon of butter. To go extra health, you can use just oatmeal but be sure to roast it well and get it all crispy.

Don’t forget to cool down the mixture before you assemble.


It’s all building sand castles from now on! Add some of that crusty base, followed by some of that yoghurt cream and add the fruits. Speaking about the fruits, I told you there’d be juice didn’t I? You can add some of that juice to the very top for some extra glisten.

.Yeşil Mandalina ile Alternatif Cheesecake | Tam Zamanı

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